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About Us

Our company will be engaged in the extraction and processing of potash ore, an essential input for agriculture. Our goal is to create a complete development cycle, extracting potash from underground so it can fertilize Brazilian fields.

Potash comes from the earth and returns to the earth, fortifying food and helping to maintain continuous growth in the agricultural sector, which is one of the main economic drivers in Brazil.

Our operation can considerably reduce greenhouse gas emissions resulting from the international transportation of potash, since we will domestically produce more than 20% of the potash Brazil consumes annually.



Founding of Brazil Potash, a private company in Brazil, controlled by both Brazilian and foreign investors.


Received permits required under Brazilian legislation and began exploratory drilling in the region where the potash deposits lie: the Amazon.


Commerced the environmental studies needed to implement the project.


Delivery of the final survey report to the National Department of Mineral Production (DNPM).


Approval of the report by the DNPM and granting of the preliminary license by the Environmental Protection Institute of the Amazon (IPAAM).


Conclusion of the Technical and Economic Feasibility Study conducted by an independent company.


Preparation of the environmental and social plans and programs.


Indigenous Consultation and development of Sustainable Project.


Over USD 180 million has already been invested on the discovery and development of the project. USD 2 billion will be invested by the time construction is complete.

Our Team

Brazil Potash is a growing company that employs experienced professionals and benefits from the support of its esteemed board of directors.

Matt Simpson
Matt SimpsonCEO
Adriano Espeschit
Adriano EspeschitPresident
Davidson Aquino
Davidson AquinoFinance and Administration
Marcus Pedrini
Marcus PedriniMarketing
Lúcio Rabelo
Lúcio Rabelo Sustainability
Raphael Bloise
Raphael BloiseProject Director