This program is aimed at preventing or controlling forest fires and the resulting impacts on the area around the enterprise.

  • Conduct awareness campaigns about forest fire prevention aimed at employees and residents in the areas around the Autazes Project;
  • Offer courses to employees on the formation of forest firefighting brigades, the construction and maintenance of firebreaks and the detection of hotspots and the issuance of alert levels;
  • Conduct annual educational campaigns, in partnership with the local government and institutions with the goal of defining communication strategies that raise awareness among the population of the environmental and economic harm caused by fires and the importance of preventive action;
  • Along with other monitoring actions, utilize weather evaluations along with the analysis of the data generated by weather stations and calculate the degree of risk of forest fires by means of the appropriate techniques;
  • Implement a registration and localization system for fires using observation towers or patrols by Forest Firefighting Groups.