The goal of this program is to operate in synergy with public bodies to undertake actions aimed at ensuring indigenous rights in all their various aspects.

  • Ensure socio-environmental quality through actions undertaken in partnership with the government that promote the protection of Indigenous Lands identified within a radius of 10 km of the project, with special attention being paid to the rural communities of Urucuritiba and Soares;
  • Respect the legitimate rights of indigenous populations on lands they have traditionally occupied; Improve living conditions of the Mura indigenous people in terms of food security, health, education and productive activities, in accordance with the aspirations and competence limits of this Program;
  • Ensure that the benefits resulting from the other environmental programs in this study and the other socio-environmental actions undertaken as a result of this enterprise can be enjoyed by indigenous communities;
  • Contribute towards the institutional strengthening of indigenous associations and their members, help to improve the feasibility of alternatives for economic development and ensuring the compatibility of their socio-cultural vocation with the sustainable use of resources;
  • Support projects and activities that respect the culture of indigenous peoples, thereby contributing towards an improvement in the sustainability of their populations;
  • Support the structuring of FUNAI’s support and monitoring stations to assist indigenous people and protect their territory; Finance environmental and anthropological studies that will serve as a basis for ethno-development processes on indigenous lands;
  • Seek partnerships aimed at financing the actions of the Ethno-environmental Protection Program.