This program will establish the proper procedures for land clearance, thus minimizing the impact on flora and fauna.

  • Plan and establish the most appropriate methods for land clearance, including the application for the necessary licenses from the environmental authority;
  • Ensure the proper isolation, signage and operational measures in the land clearance target areas and surrounding areas;
  • Train the teams of workers that will perform the land clearance in the correct work procedures;
  • Remove trees that contain commercially valuable wood and separate them properly;
  • Collect, if necessary, beehives, bird’s nests, orchids and bromelias;
  • Clearly mark the land clearance area in order to prevent the cutting of trees that do not need to be cut down;
  • Clear the land in a manner that prevents accidents involving the workers;
  • Take advantage of parts of the plants, such as branches, leaves, fruit and seeds to recover degraded areas.