This program is designed to raise awareness among the public of environmental issues, thereby motivating the public to conserve and improve the environment and integrating environmental management into the concept of corporate sustainability.

  • Develop educational actions that involve themes such as the sustainable use of natural resources, waste management, the prevention of forest fires, water pollution and other themes that are or could be directly linked to the day-to-day lives of communities, institutions and workers;
  • Take advantage of the experiences accumulated by local institutions in the handling of issues related to the themes dealt with through the program;
  • Develop a process for adoption of values, formation of concepts and acquisition of competences to motivate behaviour that defends, conserves and improves the environment, with the environmental legislation in force serving as a reference;
  • Develop an educational process, in strict harmony with the knowledge, references, practices, challenges and problems experienced by the communities involved during the course of their daily lives.