This program consists of an erosion prevention system and a monitoring methodology in order to control erosion and stabilize the earth in the project area.

The erosion prevention, monitoring and control program is based on the “Planning”, “Monitoring”, “Preventive, Control and Rehabilitation Actions with a Focus on Instability” and “Inspection, Evaluation and Conceptualization of Geotechnical Solutions” activities.

  • Planning: allow for the perception, evaluation and organization of the other activities in an effort to provide proposals, results and solutions;
  • Monitoring: monitor the final disposition of material from land clearance and soil removal, inspect drainage structures and devices (grates, gutters, water ladders, energy dissipators, etc.). Supervise the formation of cut slopes and landfills and the recovery of ground cover implemented through the Degraded Area Recovery Plan;
  • Preventive Control and Rehabilitation Actions Focused on Instability: construction and implementation of drainage structures along highways and access roads. Construction and contention of areas susceptible to the appearance of non-consolidated materials. Implementation of drainage systems based on conducting rainwater through channels and interventions and inspections in areas of interference.