Through this program the archeological heritage of the project region will be identified and recorded.

  • Intensive prospecting in the environmental compartments of archeological potential in the areas of direct and indirect influence, including the areas surrounding the probable expansion following the conclusion of the enterprise;
  • Register, update and precisely delimit the sites in the area that will be affected;
  • Quantify and qualify the archeological sites in a precise panoramic manner, with the goal of implementing an archeological rescue program if necessary and registering these sites in the National Archeological Site Registry (CNSA);
  • Identify the existing cultural diversity in the area to be affected in order to establish proper methodologies for dealing with each site, in accordance with its unique characteristics;
  • Verify the degree of conservation of the archeological sites with the goal of identifying the cumulative impacts, future impacts and possibilities and strategies for conservation, preservation and/or recognition of their value;
  • The Prospecting Program should result in a report that offers elements for the preparation of a possible archeological rescue program, which should be based on scientifically significant criteria when selecting possible threatened sites;
  • Establish a Heritage Education Program.